Working Against God

Proverbs 21:30

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.

There are times when we fight against what God wants for our lives.  Many pastors actually begin their ministry this way.  A great number of pastors start in their 40’s or 50’s as a second career.  They describe how God was calling them for a long time and they kept resisting and resisting until they couldn’t any longer.

We are all susceptible to resist what God may have in store for us.  We believe God has our best interests in mind but we worry about the specifics of those plans.  Doing what God wants requires sacrifice. 

When we try to do our own thing, we shouldn’t expect to find success in it.  We may succeed for a short time but when God is not behind us we can’t expect long term success.

It is amazing to think that the God of all creation would have an interest in us at all.  Fortunately He loves all of us and not only has an interest in us, but a plan for us.  When we seek to follow God’s plan, we know we are on safe ground.

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