Stand Firm in Faith

Isaiah 7:9

The head of Ephraim is Samaria,
and the head of Samaria is only Remaliah’s son.
If you do not stand firm in your faith,
you will not stand at all.’ “

Any builder knows that a firm foundation is key to a sound and solid structure.  Jesus even told a parable about two men, one who built his house upon the rock and another who built his house upon the sand.  The sand was not a firm foundation and when storms arose, the house crumbled.

Faith is what allows us to stand on a firm foundation.  Our foundation is the rock, Jesus Christ.  Faith is what connects us to Jesus.  There is no other way that we can approach God than through faith.

Faith shouldn’t and can’t be a once in a while thing.  We can’t choose to have faith when it is convenient and then turn our faith off when it seems convenient.  Such faith is not real faith at all.

We don’t know when the storms of life will appear.  Therefore we don’t know when we will need our faith most of all.  Many people run to God when things get tough but they know nothing about God.  They can’t hold on to God’s promises in faith because they never learned them.  They know nothing of the character of God and can’t truly trust Him so their faith is pointless.

True faith holds on to God at all times.  It is grounded in truth and understanding of who God is and what He has promised.  This kind of faith will stand strong in the worst of circumstances because God is stronger than all things.

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