Remnant of Grace

Romans 11:5

So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.

We often think that bigger is better and that greater numbers is a sign of God’s blessing.  Quite often just the opposite is true however.  Jesus taught that the meek and poor and spirit were blessed.

Of the seven churches in Revelation, only two are praised without reservation, Smyrna the persecuted church and Philadelphia the smallest church.

God chooses to work with a small number or a remnant far more often than a majority.  When Christianity is in the minority people must rely on God completely.  This was the lesson that God taught Gideon when He reduced the army down to only 300 men.  A remnant means that people must rely on God because they cannot trust the outside world to protect them.

Christianity has been its weakest when its numbers were the strongest.  In the 300’s AD Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome and the Holy Roman Empire began.  Christianity became accepted and soon it was a national way of life instead of a personal conviction.

When we get frustrated today by small numbers, we need to remember that God can do great things in spite of our numbers and it can even be a blessing as we must rely on Him instead of other things.  It is God’s grace that sustains us and not a matter of personal strength.

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