Receiving in Thanksgiving

1 Timothy 4:4

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving…

When God created the world, after each day He looked at what He had done and declared that it was good.  Only after man sinned did things in the world become corrupt and less than good.

As Paul writes to Timothy, his instructions are that nothing is bad in and of itself.  Anything that we receive we should do so with thanksgiving because God gave it to us.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that good things can’t be used in bad ways and we must make this distinction.  Offering thanks for something that we intend to use in a sinful manner doesn’t make it acceptable to use.  We don’t know what purpose everything has but we know of bad purposes for some things.  For instance, God has a purpose for marijuana and as it is created, it is good.  But many people use this in a way that God did not intend and offering thanks for it doesn’t make this any more acceptable.

Whatever we receive, we should recognize it as a gift from God.  If it is a gift from God, we can expect two things from it.  First, it is to be used for God’s glory because that’s what gifts are for.  And second, it is a good gift because God did not give us bad ones.

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