Opposition to Jesus

Matthew 12:14

But the Pharisees went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus.

The Pharisees are often the target of Jesus’ teachings.  They are hypocrites who obey the letter of the law while ignoring the spirit of it.  They are self righteous and ultimately believe that their salvation is based on their good deeds as well as their ability to follow the law.

Jesus came to earth because no one is righteous and able to follow the law, not even the Pharisees.  When Jesus shone a light upon their sins and hypocrisy they are unhappy and plot how to rid themselves of Jesus.

It is easy to believe that the Pharisees are simply misguided and ignorant and certainly there were varying degrees of this among them.  Satan has definitely blinded those who plot to kill Jesus into believing that He is their enemy rather than their long awaited Messiah.

Satan works the same way in the lives of many today.  Salvation is found in Jesus alone but Satan has convinced many that they don’t need Jesus.  People rely on their own self righteousness and good deeds for salvation.  Others don’t acknowledge their sin at all.

Jesus shines a light on the darkest sins and many don’t like it.  When our sins are exposed many respond as the Pharisees do and rebel against Jesus.

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