Obedience is Love

1 John 5:3

This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome.

While we do not earn our salvation by following the law, nor can we repay God by later doing good, we are still meant to follow God’s commands.

Some people approach Christianity as a list of do’s and do-not-do’s but it is much more than that.  We should not obey the commands that God has for us simply out of necessity but because we love Him and want to make Him happy.

Our relationship with God is similar to a marriage in this respect.  There are certain things that are expected by spouses.  We should clean up after ourselves, show affection, take care of the other when they are sick, pay attention to the other’s needs, etc.

Husbands and wives can methodically go through and do everything to make their marriage work but most people only pay attention to these things when they are having trouble in their marriage.  The reason is when the relationship is going well, these things happen automatically without thinking.  Only when things sour do we have to think back to what made it work previously.

Likewise, what we do for God should be done automatically out of love.  The more we love Him, the more we’ll want to obey Him and we’ll do it without thinking.  When our relationship falls off track we’ll notice that we haven’t been obeying as we should but if we dig deeper, we’ll realize that really we haven’t been loving as we should.

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