Luke 2:19

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Central to the entire Christmas story is Mary.  She is used by God in an incredible way – to birth the Savior of the world.  She had a first person view of the most incredible event in human history (and would later watch her child die on the cross in the culmination of the most important event in history.)

We have no way of knowing how much Mary understood of what was going on.  The disciples were eye witnesses to Jesus’ many miracles and don’t grasp Jesus’ death on the cross until after the resurrection.  So it is likely that Mary doesn’t understand precisely what is taking place either.

Mary never questions what is going on, she simply allows God to work through her.  We should be careful not to place too much importance on Mary and certainly not to worship her.  Mary is an example that we should follow however.

Mary does as God asks and trusts Him.  She doesn’t question what is going on but simply responds in faith.  Because of this, God does something spectacular through her and she is a firsthand witness to it.  God can do great things through us as well if we allow Him to work.

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