A Love Story

Genesis 29:20

So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.

The story of Jacob and Rachel is perhaps the sweetest love story in all of the Bible.  It is the classic story of boy meets girl.  It is the type of story that little girls are taught to believe in, much like a princess waiting for her knight to come and rescue her.

The broader question to ask is why does this love story seem to be the exception in the Bible?  If the Bible is a book of love, why are there few good examples of love between a husband and wife?  The easy answer would be to say that there are few examples of such a love story in real life.  We refer to such love stories as fairy tales because they don’t usually happen in real life.

This doesn’t really do the question of biblical love justice however.  The love and relationship between a husband and wife is very important and it was established at the beginning of creation with Adam and Eve.  But loving relationships extend far beyond that of a husband and wife.  In fact, much of what we consider love between and man and woman is little more than lust.  We are attracted to a person because of looks and what they can do for us.

The Bible is far more concerned with treating people properly regardless whether they are beautiful or young or suitable mate material.  For this reason the Bible focuses more on how we should treat all people.  The good news is that this applies quite well to a marriage relationship as well.

Jacob was willing to sacrifice seven years of his life for Rachel because he loved her.  This is a good example and reminder that love requires sacrifice and it is not about what a person can get in return.

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