Lord of the Sabbath

Matthew 12:8

“For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.”

There is a lot of controversy over whether it is appropriate or required to rest on the Sabbath day.  Indeed, there is even controversy over what day should celebrated as the Sabbath as most Christians celebrate on the first day of the week in honor of Christ’s resurrection instead of the seventh day as the Jews were instructed.

Jesus was criticized for healing on the Sabbath and for not following the man made rules that the Jewish leaders had constructed – well meaning but often foolish laws.

Jesus did not break any law that God had given to man.  He also doesn’t supersede any law – that is to decide that He is above it and it doesn’t apply to Him.  Instead He offers clarification to the legalistic ways that the law had been incorrectly interpreted.

The Sabbath was intended for man to rest.  The example given was that God rested on the seventh day, so should man.  God obviously did not need to rest because He was tired but He did so as an example for us.

Jesus is the Lord of rest.  We jam too many activities into our day and are exhausted at night.  Then we reschedule more into the next day because we missed something the day before.  Instead of a day of rest, Sunday has become a day to catch up on things we didn’t have time to do the rest of the week.

Jesus is the Lord of rest.  Take a day off to follow that example.  It will be of benefit both physically and spiritually.

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