Kneeling Before Our Maker

Psalm 95:6

Come, let us bow down in worship,
let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;

To bow down or kneel is perhaps the greatest physical act that one can do in worship.  When we do this, it literally puts the person or object above us, thus showing our humility.

To worship is to acknowledge something’s worth.  We place worth on many things.  We know what our house and our car is worth.  When we buy anything, we place a worth upon it and decide that we are willing the pay the price that we believe it is worth.

Of course knowing what something is worth doesn’t mean that we’re worshipping it.  When we begin to place an object’s worth above other things, including even ourselves, then it becomes worship.

This is where bowing down comes in.  We acknowledge God’s worth and recognize that He is above us.  We place ourselves in His trust and expect Him to take care of us.  We do the same when we place other things in the place of God as well.  It may not be to physically take care of us, but to bring us joy and satisfaction.

Our joy and our satisfaction should come from God.  He’s given us other things that help meet those needs but we should acknowledge Him as the source of all good things.  God is above us and we should bow down in recognition of this.

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