Jesus Glorified

John 12:28

“Father, glorify your name!”

   Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”

Glory is a very abstract concept.  We can’t really picture it.  Unlike justice or righteousness it’s difficult to describe or even recognize it when we see it.  We know when a righteous act has taken place.  We can see when justice has been done.  But what does glory look like?

To glorify something is to exalt or revere it.  It is done as an act of praise or thanksgiving.  We glorify Christ when we pray in His name.  We also glorify Him when we gather to worship or tell others about the gospel.

Glorification happens in many forms.  Even God can glorify His name and that of Christ.  In doing so He causes others to bring glory to Him.

While glory is still difficult to truly define, we do it often.  Whatever we do that brings honor to God and causes others to reflect upon His goodness is glorifying.  We don’t have to think about it or fully understand it to take part in it.

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