Give Us Our Daily Bread

Matthew 6:11

Give us today our daily bread.

The concept of daily bread is lost on us today but many people still understand the idea of living paycheck to paycheck.  At the time, people got paid at the end of the day.  They stopped at the market on the way home to buy food.  And this was all the more food that many had to live on.  There was nothing in the cupboard and no savings in the bank.  If a person didn’t work, they didn’t eat that day.

When we trust God for our daily bread, we trust Him to provide for our necessities.  While many people struggle with their finances, it is often due to living beyond their means and not because they can’t afford the bare necessities to live on.

While it is not a lack of faith to have food in the cupboard and money in the bank, God promised to take care of us.  It may mean working a job that is unpleasant or humbly accepting help from someone, but the promise is there for us.

When we ask for our daily bread, we ask that God will supply our needs.  Often God gives far more than our needs.  We can trust God to provide for us and meet our needs though if we simply ask in prayer.

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