Fruit of Our Deeds

Isaiah 3:10

Tell the righteous it will be well with them,
for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.

At times every Christian needs to be reminded that the struggle to live a righteous life is worth it.  There are times when we want to give up.  The people who lie and cheat and steal to get ahead appear to have won.

There are other times that we may be praying and working to do something for the Lord and it feels as if all of our efforts are in vain.  God has promised us that all of our efforts are not in vain however.

We don’t know the will of God.  This is very frustrating, particularly for people who want to know everything that is going on and need to be in control.  While we work and try to live a righteous life, we don’t know what effect it may have on other people.

God has promised us that we will enjoy the fruit of our deeds however.  We will be rewarded for what we do.  This doesn’t mean that we will achieve our goal every time we work for the Lord, it just means that we don’t labor in vain.

God may have something greater in mind than what we intended as we labor.  We may find the fruit of our deeds is far great than we expected.  Other times we might just have to wait until we reach heaven to receive our reward.  We don’t work for nothing however.  God has noticed the deeds of the righteous and He will reward them.

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