Don’t Steal

Exodus 20:15

“You shall not steal.”

Stealing is taking something that doesn’t belong to us.  The intention usually doesn’t matter.  Some people steal because they find something that they want but can’t afford.  Other people steal as a form of vandalism or thrill seeking.

Stealing doesn’t have to be something physical.  It can be using another person’s idea either to make money off of it or somehow pass it off as your own idea.  It can be stealing from the government by cheating on your taxes.  In today’s digital age it can even be pirating a movie or computer software.

Like many things, we can make attempts to justify theft.  The government wastes billions of dollars so saving a thousand dollars on my taxes is less money that can be wasted.  The store charges such a high mark up on an item that they aren’t really losing any money.  Downloading something isn’t costing someone money because it wouldn’t be purchased otherwise.

Stealing is stealing however we justify our actions though.  If we obtain something that we didn’t work for or earn somehow, we don’t deserve it.  In the end it will be all the more satisfying if we buy something after we’ve worked hard to earn it.

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