September Devotions

September is back to school time.  The reason we go to school is to gain knowledge and wisdom.  God has given us a book of wisdom that provides guidance for how to live our lives.

The book of Proverbs is meant as a guideline for living.  The advice that is given is often true but not a guarantee to occur.  Proverbs 22:6 states “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”  This is what we should do but certainly there are some children who were raised properly and end up making poor decisions as adults.

We should consider Proverbs to be “truisms” rather than absolute truth.  What is shared  in Proverbs will be true probably 95%-98% of the time.  When it doesn’t hold true however it’s not because we failed or God failed.

Proverbs still gives us better advice on living our lives than any self help book or life coach.  These words are inspired by God and we can’t do better than to listen to what God advises us to do.

  1. Beginning of Wisdom
  2. Feeding the Righteous
  3. Laziness and Poverty
  4. Kindness vs Cruelty
  5. Love of Discipline
  6. Reckless Words
  7. Keeping Knowledge
  8. An Anxious Heart
  9. Fighting Pride
  10. Walking Wisely
  11. Simple Belief
  12. Gentle Answers
  13. Commitment
  14. Love and Faithfulness
  15. Peace with Enemies
  16. Covering an Offense
  17. Answers Before Listening
  18. Wisdom and Patience
  19. Man’s Plans
  20. Avoiding Strife
  21. Talking too Much
  22. Diligence and Profit
  23. Justice
  24. A Front
  25. Working Against God
  26. Applying Your Heart
  27. Praise from Another
  28. Blameless Walking
  29. Greed and Dissension
  30. Safety in Wisdom

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