November Devotions

Every November millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is the busiest travel time of the year as friends and family gather together in celebration of the blessings of another year.

Other countries celebrate a day of thanksgiving at other times but the importance of a day set aside to count one’s blessings is not lost on Christians and non-Christians alike.

Christians have much to be thankful for.  There are the normal blessings of life but even more so, there is our forgiveness in Jesus Christ and our assurance of eternal life.

These devotions focus on what it means to be thankful and some of the specific things that we as Christians should be thankful for.  In truth, we can never thank God enough for everything He has done for us.

Sometime during this month, take a few moments and write down something that you are thankful for, one thing for every letter of the alphabet.  They can be really simple things that you’d miss if you lived in a world without them.  I’ll get you started…




I did a complete list as my own exercise on “A Pastor’s Thoughts” – Thanksgiving.

  1. Ministers of Thanks
  2. Music in Thanks
  3. Choirs of Thanks
  4. Thanks for Righteousness
  5. Thanks Forever
  6. Public Thanks
  7. God’s Name in Thanksgiving
  8. Thanks in Worship
  9. Thanks for Enduring Love
  10. Thanks for Answers
  11. Thanks for Righteous Laws
  12. Thanksgiving for Compassion
  13. Boldness in Thanksgiving
  14. Thanksgiving in Sacrifice
  15. Thanks for a Miracle
  16. Thanks at the Lord’s Supper
  17. Thanks for Jesus
  18. Futility Without Thanks
  19. Thanks for Obedience
  20. Eating with Thanks
  21. Agreement in Thanksgiving
  22. Thanks for Victory
  23. Overflowing Thanksgiving
  24. Helping Others to Thank
  25. Thanks for the Indescribable Gift
  26. Thanksgiving, Not Foolish Talk
  27. Thanksgiving Prevents Anxiety
  28. Thanks for Heavenly Inheritance
  29. Receiving in Thanksgiving
  30. Thanks in All Circumstances

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