May Devotions

All Christians are called to have faith.  So this makes it vital to understand what faith is and where is it directed.  Is it a blind faith or one that is based on evidence?

This month’s devotions will focus on what it exactly means to have faith in God and how that faith is manifested.  It also looks at the rewards of faith.

We will also observe certain characters in the Bible whose faith is particularly noteworthy.  It is interesting that the word faith occurs far more often in the New Testament but the people who are most praised for their faith are found in the Old Testament.  They are examples for people in the church to look up to and follow.

  1. Faith, not Sight
  2. Definition of Faith
  3. Faith is Unseen
  4. Faith of Abel
  5. Faith Pleases God
  6. Faith of Noah
  7. Faith of Abraham
  8. Faith Credited as Righteousness
  9. Power of Faith
  10. Blessings through Faith
  11. Faith Leads to Salvation
  12. Family of Faith
  13. Faith Excludes Boasting
  14. Justification by Faith
  15. The Shield of Faith
  16. Stand Firm in Faith
  17. Righteous Live by Faith
  18. Faith of the Centurion
  19. Little Faith
  20. Faith of a Mustard Seed
  21. Righteousness through Faith
  22. Weak Faith
  23. Faith isn’t Blind
  24. Abandoning the Faith
  25. Worthless without Faith
  26. Worth More than Gold
  27. Faith is Resistance
  28. Faith Develops Perseverance
  29. Rich in Faith
  30. Faith and Deeds
  31. Our Deeds, Love, & Faith

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