March Devotions

One of our primary functions not only as Christians but as human beings is to worship God.  There will be a day when all will acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord but some will do so too late and do it with fear and trembling of the judgment that awaits.

Worship is central to the Christian life but is often misunderstood.  Too many churches have been caught up in “worship wars” – what style of music do we play and sing.  While music is definitely a part of our worship, there is much more to worship than this.

Often when the word worship is used in the Bible, it is with respect to people who had gone astray and were worshipping idols.  This month’s devotions look at the winners and losers of worship and delves more deeply into the idea of what it actually means to worship God.

  1. What is Right
  2. Calm after the storm
  3. An Agreement
  4. No idols
  5. A Snare
  6. Compromise leads to disaster
  7. Serve the Lord
  8. A Cycle of forgetfulness
  9. A Hero Falls
  10. Worship and Sin
  11. Crazy for the Lord
  12. Ashamed of Worship
  13. Building our Idols
  14. Worship for Generations
  15. Worship in Despair
  16. Kneeling before our Maker
  17. Singing before God
  18. Instrumental Worship
  19. Holy, Holy, Holy
  20. Enemies or Friends of God?
  21. Who Can Rescue?
  22. A Villain Turns to God
  23. Worship and Doubt
  24. Spirit and Truth
  25. God Speaks in Worship
  26. Acting Religious or Worshipping?
  27. Created in Place of the Creator
  28. Spiritual Act of Worship
  29. Orderly Worship
  30. No Repentance
  31. Worship God

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