June Devotions

The subject of prayer is important for some obvious reasons.  Prayer is how we communicate with God.  Like any relationship, our relationship with God needs to be built on good communication.  If we don’t know how to pray, we don’t know how to communicate with God effectively.

This month we will look at the subject of prayer in our devotions.  We begin with the example that Jesus gave us in the Lord’s prayer.  We will also observe the prayers of other people in the Bible and see how God responds to prayer in various situations.

If you are interested in studying prayer more in depth, there is a Bible study on prayer at our parent site, Spreading Light Ministries.

  1. How We Should Pray
  2. Praying in Reverence
  3. God’s Will Be Done
  4. Give Us Our Daily Bread
  5. Forgive Our Debts
  6. Deliver Us From Evil
  7. Prayer is Immediate
  8. God is Near
  9. Prayer and Confession
  10. Prayer for Healing
  11. Humbleness and Prayer
  12. Prayer and Fasting
  13. Prayer for Success
  14. The Quick Prayer
  15. Prayer and Work
  16. Prayer for Strength
  17. Prayer of the Righteous
  18. Hidden from Prayer
  19. Forbidden Prayer
  20. Corporate Confession
  21. Praying in Private
  22. Babbling Like Pagans
  23. Asking in Prayer
  24. Not Knowing What to Pray
  25. Prayer for Perfection
  26. Prayer Defeats Worry
  27. Husbands and Prayer
  28. The Prayer of a Righteous Man
  29. Prayer in All Occasions
  30. Pray Without Ceasing

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