July Devotions

The Bible is a book of love.  It is the story of God’s love for all of humanity.  It is a guide for how we are to love one another.  It even contains a few love stories.

So it should be no surprise to discover that the word love appears almost 700 times in the Bible.  The Psalms contain around 150 references to love, especially loving God and God’s unfailing love.

Proverbs offers good advice about giving and receiving love.  And Song of Solomon is a long love poem.

In the New Testament it is no surprise at all that Jesus speaks frequently about love.  John – both in his gospel and his other letters – talks about love a great deal.  And Paul offers marital advice on loving husbands and wives.

So there is no lack of information in the Bible about love.  These few love devotions hit some of the broader themes of love in the Bible, often regarding God’s love and loving God.  Because of the depth of the topic, we have an entirely separate section to discuss love within relationships under 40 Days in Love.

  1. Lying Love
  2. Love and Sacrifice
  3. Romantic Love
  4. Split Affections
  5. A Love Story
  6. Love Causes Jealousy
  7. Unfailing Love
  8. Love and Punishment
  9. Love and Forgiveness
  10. Loving God
  11. Love and Fear
  12. Careful to Love
  13. Brotherly Love
  14. Love after Sin
  15. Covenant of Love
  16. Loving Salvation
  17. Love and Obedience
  18. Love of Money
  19. Love of Justice
  20. An Example of Unconditional Love
  21. Love Your Enemies
  22. Love of Family
  23. Love Grown Cold
  24. Love of Darkness
  25. Love of Life
  26. The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved
  27. God’s Love
  28. Nothing Separates Us From God’s Love
  29. Husbands Love Your Wives
  30. Wives, Love Your Husbands
  31. Love is Impossible

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