January Devotions

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect upon new things.  Many people make new year’s resolutions in hopes of accomplishing something that they did not do the previous year.

There is a lot of newness in the Bible as well.  God is constantly doing new things from the changing of the seasons to the rise and fall of nations.  He also makes us new and works new things into our lives.

New things can scare a lot of people because they do not know what the future holds while the old contained an amount of certainty to it.  There are times when new is not always better, usually as the result of man’s sin.

When God does something new though, it is always a great thing.  We should look forward to it when God does something new in our life because we know that we can trust Him.  Even if we don’t know what the future holds when something new comes along, we know that God gives us the best.

  1. New Wine
  2. The Fear of Newness
  3. Enjoying New Things
  4. Wearing Out
  5. New Gods
  6. New Isn’t Perfect
  7. Following God’s Command
  8. New Life
  9. A New Song
  10. Nothing New
  11. A New Thing
  12. A New Name
  13. New Heavens and Earth
  14. New Love and Compassion
  15. New Heart and Spirit
  16. New Teaching
  17. New Wineskins
  18. Old is Better
  19. The New Covenant
  20. A New Command
  21. Raised to Life
  22. The New Way
  23. Ministers of the New Covenant
  24. A New Creation
  25. New Attitude and New Self
  26. Renewal
  27. Obsolete
  28. A New Way
  29. New Birth
  30. New Jerusalem
  31. Everything New

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