February Devotions

Grace is a very important concept in the Bible.  It is also almost exclusively a New Testament idea because without Jesus, we have no access to grace.

Grace can be best understood with the acronym

  • God’s
  • Righteousness
  • at
  • Christ’s
  • Expense

Grace is a gift of righteousness that is only made available to us through Jesus’ sacrifice.  In order to understand grace, we need to understand righteousness so that we know what grace actually gives us.

We will look at what both the Old and New Testaments teach us about righteousness before we look at grace.  Because Paul writes extensively about both righteousness and grace in the book of Romans we will spend a lot of our study in that book as well as some of Paul’s other epistles.

  1. Credited as Righteousness
  2. Kingdom of Righteousness
  3. Learning Righteousness
  4. Unfailing Righteousness
  5. Sowing Righteousness
  6. Hunger for Righteousness
  7. Righteousness from God
  8. Instruments of Righteousness
  9. End of the Law
  10. Darkness and Light
  11. Training in Righteousness
  12. The Word Became Flesh
  13. Fullness of Grace
  14. Law and Grace
  15. Grace and Apostleship
  16. Justified
  17. Access to Grace
  18. The Gift of God
  19. Under Grace
  20. Remnant of Grace
  21. Not with Worldly Wisdom
  22. Richness through Grace
  23. Grace is Sufficient
  24. No Righteousness through the Law
  25. Fallen from Grace
  26. Salvation by Grace
  27. The Throne of Grace
  28. Administering Grace

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