December Devotions

There is no better way to prepare for Christmas than to focus on the meaning of Christmas, which is Christ.  Because so much time can be spent on Jesus, we will do just a brief overview of Christ, approximately one week on each topic.

The first week we will look at the birth of Christ and the familiar events surrounding it.  The second week we will hit a few highlights in the life of Christ.  The second half of the month we will look at the character of Christ and the theology of Christ, not what Jesus taught but what we are taught about Jesus.

Hopefully this overview of Christ will help you reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and get your heart set on things other than Christmas parties and gifts.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Birth of Christ
1. The Virgin Birth
2. The Census
3. Angels
4. Shepherds
5. The Wise Men
6. Jesus at the Temple
7. Mary
Life of Christ
8. Jesus, the Boy
9. Temptation of Christ
10. Opposition to Jesus
11. Transfiguration of Christ
12. Triumphal Entry
13. Jesus Judged Innocent
14. Last Words
Character of Christ
15. Christ’s Humility
16. Compassion of Christ
17. Righteousness of Christ
18. Innocence of Christ
19. Zealousness of Christ
20. Forgiveness of Christ
21. Gentleness of Christ
22. Mercy of Christ
Theology of Christ
23. Blood of Christ
24. Christ the Creator
25. Christ, Divinely Worshipped
26. Lord of the Sabbath
27. Christ as Judge
28. Christ the Rock
29. Christ as High Priest
30. Christ Glorified
31. The Return of Christ

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