Proverbs 16:3

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

God has enabled us to dream some pretty big dreams.  Some have seen their dreams not come true and have stopped dreaming dreams. 

This isn’t a promise of fame or fortune as long as we work hard and pray about it.  Rather it is a promise that God will be with us as we work for Him. 

Our commitment typically isn’t the problem when it comes to our plans.  Most Christians are willing to pray about what they are doing even when it’s not a spiritual issue.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking God for success in business or anything else in life.

Our problem rests in how we define success.  In business for example we are apt to define it as making a lot of money.  God may define it as earning enough to live off of, treating employees with respect, and setting a Christian example for everyone we deal with.

Church is just the same.  We get caught up in numbers and certainly they tell a story.  But if we make a true impact on half a dozen people in a year’s time, could we not consider that a success?  We don’t have to build our church into the thousands for God to consider it a success.  God will grant us success, but we need to understand that His definition isn’t always ours.

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