Welcome to Online Bible Devotions.  Here you will find more than a year’s worth of free devotion.  Each month is devoted to one Biblical theme and studies that theme throughout.  In most cases, you’ll start at the beginning of the Bible on a topic and work your way through to the end.

You’ll also find on this site a section that is dedicated to love and marriage (in addition to a month of devotions on love.)  Visit the section 40 Days in Love for a walkthrough on what the Bible instructs us on love and how it is best applied to marriage.

You’ll find other helpful resources to study the Bible.  While we have many topical Bible studies on our parent site, Spreading Light, here you’ll reading lists that will allow you to read through the Bible in one year.

Finally, if you enjoy the devotions on this site and would like to have them offline, either for your own personal use or to give to a friend or family member, all twelve months of devotions have been incorporated into a book Devotions for Life.