Read the Bible in one year

Most Christians recognize the fact that it is important to read the Bible.  Many make it a goal to read more of the Bible than in the past whether that is the result of a New Year’s resolution or in response to a sermon.  Every year many Christians make it a goal to read through the Bible in one year and they start at Genesis and just work their way through.

If your goal is to read through the Bible in one year, it is certainly admirable.  But how should you pace yourself?  How many chapters should you read each day?  What if you want to avoid the problem of getting bogged down in a certain section of the Bible?

As a rule, reading three chapters of the Bible each day will get you through most of the Bible in one year.  There are 1189 chapters in the Bible and if you read three a day it will take you 396 days, or thirteen months, to make it through the entire book.  Of course some chapters are quite short and some will take a longer time to read but for the most part an average of three chapters a day will get you through the Bible in a year.

If you want to read right through the Bible chapter after chapter, book after book, you really don’t need a Bible reading plan.  What you will discover doing this however is that in late January(assuming you start at the beginning of the year) you’ll reach the end of Exodus with lots of details about the tabernacle.  You’ll then spend a couple of weeks going through the laws of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  And this is where people get bogged down and give up.

Of course all parts of the Bible are important.  But that doesn’t mean that all parts are equally exciting to read or easy to understand.  After a week or more about details of the tabernacle, temple, or ceremonial laws you’ll probably lose focus.  It’s ok to admit it because it’s natural.

This is why a Bible reading plan is important to have.  It will break up the parts that most people find boring or tedious and mix them together with other parts of the Bible.  Of course you’ll still read through all of those parts, but you won’t necessarily do so day after day after day.  Instead you might read a chapter about the tabernacle, a chapter from Psalms, and a chapter from Ephesians.

Or you might prefer a Bible reading plan that is based around themes.  That means that every Monday you might read passages about the grace of God and Tuesday you might be reading about salvation.

The purpose of a Bible reading plan is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to achieve their goal of reading through the Bible.  The purpose of this site is to give you options with your Bible reading plans.  If we can help you read more of the Bible, then we have achieved our goal.  Browse through the Bible reading plans on your right and select the one that is right for you.