Careful to Love

Joshua 23:11

So be very careful to love the LORD your God.

Towards the end of his life Joshua gathers the people of Israel together one final time.  He has led them in battle and into the Promised Land.  Now he has one final message to deliver to the Israelites as they settle into the homeland that they left Egypt for a generation before.

Why would Joshua give such an obvious command that the Israelites should be careful to love God?  It is because he knows and understands the people whom he has led.  He realizes how easy it is to take God for granted.

The Israelites had barely made it out of Egypt when they began to complain to Moses.  They thought that God had performed miracle after miracle to convince Pharaoh to let them leave and that they had miraculously crossed the Red Sea only to die in the desert.  How quickly people forget all that God has done for them!

So Joshua must issue the reminder; be careful to love the Lord.  We need this reminder in our lives as well.  We often take God for granted and only look to Him when times are tough.  Instead we must remember Him at all times and make sure to love Him in good times and in bad.

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