Brotherly Love

1 Samuel 18:3

And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself.

Jonathan and David are probably the greatest example of brotherly love in the Bible.  These two men love each other as brothers and want only the best for each other as the verse states that Jonathan loved David as he loved himself.

Jonathan and David had every right to be enemies.  Not only was Jonathan’s father Saul trying to kill David, David was a threat to Jonathan’s chance to rule as king.  As Saul’s son the throne should have been given to Jonathan.  But Jonathan not only loved David but he loved the Lord.

Even though Jonathan probably would have liked to have been king, he understood that God had decreed that David would be made king instead.  Jonathan respected that and even supported David in this.  He did not fight David or God but instead accepted what God had decided.

Jonathan even defied his father Saul in supporting David.  Jonathan saved David’s life by alerting him of his father’s plans.

Brotherly love is displayed in much the same way as any other kind of love – sacrifice.  Jonathan gave up a lot to love David as a friend.  Brotherly love and all kinds of love require that we sometimes give up our own will for what is best for the person we love.

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