Babbling Like Pagans

Matthew 6:7

And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.

In the last devotion we saw how the Pharisees liked to pray in public so that others would praise them for their great religiousness.  They also like to fill up their prayers with many words instead of just asking God for what they needed.

The example that Jesus gave us in the Lord’s Prayer is a short and simple prayer.  It is right to the point and it doesn’t waste words unnecessarily.

We also know that Jesus spent hours in prayer.  The time he spent in prayer was in private however and was not for show.  Not even His disciples were around for many of His prayers.

Jesus obviously didn’t spend His time babbling in prayer.  It was a precious time of communication with God the Father.

Just like there is nothing inherently wrong with public prayers, there is nothing wrong with long prayers.  The idea is that our prayers should not be for show.  We shouldn’t think that a long prayer is a better prayer.  A prayer may be long because there are a lot of things to pray for.  But a simple prayer can be just as effective.  See “The Quick Prayer” for a great example of how a short prayer is just as good as a long one.

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