Applying Your Heart

Proverbs 23:12

Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge. 

Unlike many other proverbs, there is no promise for those who apply their heart to instruction, nor any threat for those who do not.  Rather, instruction and knowledge are desirable in and of themselves without further incentive.

Some people love school while others can’t stand it.  This isn’t just about school however.  There are many ways to learn outside of formal education.  All of them take a bit of work however, they don’t come free and easy.

Application takes some work.  A lot of Christians hear God’s Word and they know it.  However, they don’t apply it to their lives.  We can know about God, His love, mercy, justice, righteousness, etc.  But it takes more than just knowledge for it to effect us.  We must ask difficult questions like, “Because God is love, how should I live my life?”

Even a lot of sermons lack application.  Spiritually deep teaching must be accompanied by what we’re supposed to do with this knowledge.  Knowledge for knowledge sake won’t get us anywhere.  We must work at applying what we’ve learned if we are going to spiritually enhance our lives.

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