Answers Before Listening

Proverbs 18:13

He who answers before listening– that is his folly and his shame.

There are some people who suffer from “foot in mouth” disease.  They do not think before they speak and often say embarrassing things, causing them to put their foot in their mouth.

All of us get excited about things which cause our mouth to run ahead of our brain.  Sometimes it leads to embarrassment but usually it is chalked up to excitement.

We need to watch what comes out of our mouth and put careful thought into what we say.  Not only can we become embarrassed but we can cause a great deal of trouble.  If a politician says something wrong the opposing party and media will jump on it and often distort it for their advantage.

Our enemy, Satan, also will take our words and use them to cause harm when instead they should be used to build others up. We must be careful with our words, not just keep them from being harmful.  Even foolish things that don’t need to be said can have unintended consequences.

It is better for us to remain silent than to bring embarrassment upon ourselves and harm to others.

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