Luke 2:14

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

The angels’ announcement of the birth of Jesus has to be one of the most magnificent events of all of history.  The most important event (outside of Christ’s death, for which His birth was needed anyway) needed to be announced in a spectacular way.

The message of the angels is simple.  The savior of the world had been born.  This is very good news for everyone.  A birth announcement is typically a time to rejoice and be glad.  The birth of Jesus was a very special time for everyone to rejoice and be glad.

Not only did the angels announce Jesus’ birth, they proclaimed peace on earth.  A look around at the world today quickly shows us that it is not peaceful.  Jesus’ birth has set in motion events that will lead us to a final peace.

Jesus’ birth was obviously important because it needed to happen before Jesus could die on the cross for our sins.  Likewise, His birth is just the beginning of the peace that the world still awaits.  Jesus’ mission on earth is not accomplished yet.  He is coming back and He will bring peace to earth just as the angels announced.

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