A Front

Proverbs 21:29

A wicked man puts up a bold front, but an upright man gives thought to his ways.

It is sometimes difficult to tell the good people apart from the bad people.  Sinful people don’t like to have their sins pointed out to them so they hide their sin. 

Jesus warned about false prophets in Matthew 7:15.  He said that they were like wolves in sheep’s clothing.  There are people who we encounter who appear to be harmless on the outside when on the inside they are ferocious.  We need to be on the lookout for these people.

Satan is the father of lies and a master deceiver.  He will twist the truth to get people to believe what he wants.  It is no surprise that wicked people mimic Satan’s schemes when they put up a front. 

If we are righteous we have nothing to hide.  Our actions can withstand the scrutiny of others.  

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