Days 31-40

With this section True Love Challenge draws to a close, at least as far as these short Bible lessons are concerned.  The actual challenge continues and one might even say really gets started with the completion of these lessons.  As these lessons are based upon the Bible it is a good reminder that it is not simply enough to hear God’s Word, we need to do something about it.  Love is not mere empty words but it requires action.

There are a few things that you may decide at the end of this.  You might think that you’ve completed your task and you’ve done your job.  But the truth is that these lessons are not one time fixes.  Just because you applied a lesson one time does not mean that everything is fine now.  You must keep applying these lessons each and every day.

Other people may feel discouraged at this point because they have not seen the fruits of their hard labor yet.  Keep at it however.  Every relationship grows at a different rate and problems in relationships are not solved overnight.  Even if you’ve faithfully looked at a lesson a day – that’s a fairly long commitment! – problems that may have existed for years won’t be fixed in such a short time.  But if you remain faithful to these principles you will see the benefits of it even if it takes longer than you originally hoped.  Keep the faith, love is worth the work!

  1. Love and Marriage
  2. Love Meets Sexual Needs
  3. Love Completes Each Other
  4. Love Celebrates Godliness
  5. Love is Accountable
  6. Love is God’s Word
  7. Love Agrees in Prayer
  8. Love Fulfills Dreams
  9. Love Endures
  10. Love is Covenant

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