Love is Faithful

Hosea 2:20

I will betroth you in faithfulness,
and you will acknowledge the LORD.

Psalm 119:30

I have chosen the way of truth;
I have set my heart on your laws.

Faithfulness is something that we take for granted when we love someone.  When that trust is broken it hurts deeply.  Unfortunately people are not always faithful to their marriage vows and you likely know someone who has had an affair or was cheated on.  Perhaps you or your spouse was unfaithful.

There are many reasons that people are unfaithful to their spouse.  The purpose of this writing is not to dive into those reasons.  Neither can we give advice on whether to take back an unfaithful spouse.  God seeks unity and forgiveness and while we should always seek to forgive, continued coexistence is not always possible.  This does not advocate divorce or separation, it is just an acknowledgment that it is impossible to give a blanket statement that covers all situations and circumstances.

If faithfulness is an area of concern in your relationship it is easy to point fingers at the other party and assign blame.  The fault may lie with another person but the truth is that you can’t change another person.  You can only change yourself.  But don’t work on changing yourself in order to keep the attention of someone; instead work on changing yourself to become a better person.

Without making a completely universal statement, most infidelity is the result of two parties.  This isn’t meant to pile guilt upon someone who has been the victim of infidelity but it is an acknowledgement of reality.  If a person is honest with themselves, they’ll say that they knew there were problems in the marriage before infidelity occurred.  Rather than waiting for the worst to happen, it is far better to address the problems in your marriage while you can.  If your spouse doesn’t seem to love you any more, you can’t make them love you.  But you can make yourself more open to being loved and more lovable.  Sometimes the problem is that we don’t consider ourselves worthy of love or allow ourselves to be loved.

God is our standard of faithfulness.  He loves us in spite of our many flaws and He forgives us no matter how far we’ve gone astray.  Rather than focus on other people’s shortcomings, we should focus on being more Christlike.  When we achieve this, we’ll be more faithful and more forgiving when people are not faithful to us.  We won’t achieve perfection here on earth but we should constantly be striving to be more Christlike.

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