Days 21-30

If you’ve been following the True Love Challenge in order, congratulations, you’ve made it half way through.  Assuming that you’ve learned some things and have been applying them you may have noticed a difference in your loved ones that you have applied this toward.  More importantly you’ve hopefully noticed a difference in the way that you think.  Rather than self centered thinking, hopefully your love is beginning to put others first more and more.

The key to this section, and perhaps the entire challenge is love makes sacrifices.  The challenge has made passing references to it up to this point but now you’ll look at it in more depth.  It is one of the most important concepts to follow because of the example that Jesus set for us in His sacrificial love.

  1. Love Seeks to Understand
  2. Love is Faithful
  3. Love Always Protects
  4. Love is Not Lust
  5. Love Forgives
  6. Love is Responsible
  7. Love Encourages
  8. Love Makes Sacrifices
  9. Love’s Motivation
  10. Love Brings Unity

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