Love Intercedes

James 5:16

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

John 9:31

We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will.

Intercession is something that we don’t think of too often in our Christian lives.  This is in spite of the fact that we often intercede for one another.

In its simplest form, intercession just means that we are praying for the well being of another person.  The verses above imply that it is the responsibility of the righteous to pray for others as God will not respond to the prayers of the unrighteous.  There is obviously more to the theology of this but let’s concentrate on the act of praying for one another in love.

If you love somebody, you’re going to want the best for them.  Praying for them is an important part of this.  Often our prayers are reduced to praying for the healing of others or requests for financial help.  Neither of these things are wrong but love and intercession should go much beyond this.

When we love someone we obviously care about their personal well being but we should want all of the things that are best for them, not just physical things.  This means their spiritual well being on top of everything else.  You’ve probably recently prayed for someone’s physical well being but when was the last time that you prayed for someone’s spiritual well being?  Even more importantly, when was the last time that you prayed for your spouse’s spiritual well being?

Praying for another’s spiritual growth shouldn’t just be reserved for people who need to “grow up” either.  Even the most mature Christians still have room to grow and we should want that for our spouses.  We should be praying for it.  We should take delight in seeing our spouse grow spiritually and knowing that God is working in them.

There’s an old children’s song titled “He’s still working on me.”  This should be our prayer for our spouses and everyone that we love: that God would still be working on them no matter what their level of spiritual maturity.

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