Days 11-20

As you move forward in the True Love Challenge you will move from general principles of love to concepts that focus more on married relationships.  There are still a number of things that apply to relationships in general but now some of these principles will begin applying more specifically to those who are married.

This section ends with discussing love and intimacy.  This is not a reference to physical intimacy however but rather how all relationships create a level of intimacy.  Just as with love, the deeper the relationship, the deeper the intimacy that will be shared.

  1. Love Is Not Jealous
  2. Love Makes Good Impressions
  3. Love is Unconditional
  4. Love Cherishes
  5. Love Lets the Other Win
  6. Love Fights Fair
  7. Love Takes Delight
  8. Love is Honorable
  9. Love Intercedes
  10. Love Promotes Intimacy

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