Days 1-10

As you begin your journey in the True Love Challenge, you’ll begin by examining Christian love.  This involves the love of God but also love in general.  Many of the lessons taught in this challenge can apply to all kinds of relationships and not just marriage but as you start out these lessons will be particularly general.

We must learn how to love in general before we can love our spouse specifically.  In one way, we might say that it is easier to love our spouse than it is a stranger in the grocery store who is holding you up.  But on the other hand, the only thing we know about the stranger is that they are making us late at the register by writing a check while we know all of the bad things about our spouse and may have years of bad feelings to get over.

That’s why we start with general principles of love.  If it can be applied to a stranger it can also be applied to our spouse.  Some people’s relationships are in a place where it is required to start at the beginning all over again and rebuild it.  This is where it starts, with general principles of love.

  1. Love is Impossible
  2. Love is Jesus Christ
  3. Love is Satisfied in God
  4. Love is Patient
  5. Love is Kind
  6. Love is Not Selfish
  7. Love is Thoughtful
  8. Love is Not Rude
  9. Love is Not Irritable
  10. Love Believes the Best

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