40 Days in Love

40 Days in Love is a set of 40 devotions based upon the popular book “The Love Dare”.  You’ll find that these devotions on love are similar to our other devotions except most of them are a bit longer.  While there are not specific applications spelled out, you can draw your own conclusions as to what you should do based upon the theme of each devotion.  In the end, you should not only have a greater love for your spouse, you should be able to better express that love to him or her.  To understand how these devotions are designed to help your relationship with your spouse, consider the following story.

Years ago a woman in China had to take care of her mother-in-law who lived with her and her husband.  After constant criticism from this woman, she became determined to kill her and went in search of poison to do the deed.  An herbalist said that he had just what she needed but there was a catch.  If the mother-in-law died right away the poison would be found and the woman suspected.  Instead the poison would to be given to her slowly over time.

The woman returned with the poison and instructions to mix it in her mother-in-law’s tea each morning and serve it to her.  As days turned into weeks, the woman noticed that her mother-in-law’s attitude toward her had changed.  Rather than constantly criticizing her, she thanked her when served her tea.  Suddenly the woman no longer wanted to kill her mother-in-law and rushed to the herbalist to see if there was something he could do.

When the herbalist heard her story, he smiled.  “I never gave you any poison, only vitamins to put in your mother-in-law’s tea.  The woman you wanted dead is gone, killed by your kindness to her.”

Fixing a marriage can’t be done overnight.  Instead it must be done gradually.  It can be fixed with unconditional love towards one’s spouse.  Constant love can change the heart of even the most angry and bitter spouse.  It won’t be easy but God can change the heart of any person and He can use you as the catalyst.  This site can be helpful for one person who is trying to change the heart of a spouse but it is even more helpful for a couple who is looking to restore their marriage and make it what God wants it to be.

40 Days in Love is similar to “The Love Dare.”  It is meant as a series of steps to improving one’s marriage and it uses many of the same scripture verses.  While each challenge is helpful on its own, the full effect can only be reached with time and attention.  Struggles in marriage do not start overnight and they aren’t fixed immediately either.

40 Days in Love also focuses on our love for God.  The closer a couple grows to the Lord, the more solid their relationship will become.  God should be the foundation to every marriage, not just someone to search for when times get tough.  Each challenge begins with scripture and then extends God’s Word onto our love for our spouse.

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